Football Management Game Online

The UCFL is a league set up for people to try their hand at managing a simulated football club. Games are played against teams managed by other people and everything is moderated using the ESMS+ suite of programs. 

Team Managers are required to make decisions regarding team rosters (transfers in and out as well as who take the field each week), game tactics and formations (with a variety of options available) and Finances (you can bring in new players to your club, but you have to be able to pay for them, both their transfer fees and ongoing wages).

The UCFL is run by volunteers and is free to play with time being the only commitment required.

If you think you are interested, have a look around the site then go to the forum at, browse the rules and then register for the forum.  Then choose a team in the Job Centre on the forum and apply. Then someone from the league will reply to the application and offer you a team if any aren't any teams available you will go on a waiting list.